Time flies by, because last Wednesday it was already time for TIT3. 🥳 First, the 8 teams were split into 2 groups of 4. From each group, the top 2 teams advanced to the semi-finals. In one group, there were two clear winners, namely Dagbesteding 1 and SOS. In the other group, it was tense until the end to see if penalties would be needed to determine who would advance. Ultimately, this proved unnecessary, and International team and FC Intimidatie advanced to the semi-finals. After two thrilling semi-final matches, SOS and FC Intimidatie had to concede, leading to the final match between International team and Dagbesteding 1. The teams were evenly matched, resulting in a 2-2 tie in the final game, meaning it was time for penalties to determine the winner. 🫣 Ultimately, International team managed to clinch the victory. We hope everyone had a great time, and perhaps we’ll see some of you again at the General Championship! 👋

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