Totelos T8

Achterste rij, v.l.n.r.: Juan Pintado, Denis Tahir, Florian Waas, Andreas Polyviou

Voorste rij, v.l.n.r.: Mirko D’Urso, Tomas Dvorak, Noah Stevens, Shaad Ahmad

Motivation, goals and winning. Those are the three words that describe T8 best. Lead by captain Noah Stevens in his number 3 shirt, the team composed mostly of international students is no stranger to success. It took only a few games for T8 to find their rhythm, now sitting close to the top of the table. The stats and the fact that they just keep winning makes them serious title contenders. Even after games against top teams, you will hear the team celebrating with their victory playlist and some beer in the changing rooms. The team feels they could even beat higher teams within Totelos, so if anyone from T3 is reading this, let’s organise a friendly. With team spirit high, the only possible downfall is if the team’s ego gets too big (or the team bag doesn’t arrive on time – we’ve had some close calls).