Totelos T9

Achterste rij, v.l.n.r.: Hristo Ouroumov, Guus Jacobs, Rik Raes

Voorste rij, v.l.n.r.: Clement Arul, Francisco Jordan, Balint Szabo

Ontbreekt op foto: Umesh Kumar, Andras Szabo

When this season began, the Totelos scouts managed to find the best futsal players from Eindhoven and the surrounding area. Because the scouts were really cool they did not like the idea of putting all of these players in the first team, so they created T9. Obviously, putting them in the last Totelos team of T10 would have been too predictable as well, so that is why they went with T9. We are really proud of this, and it is needless to say that we are killing it (don’t look at the standing pls). With blonde Ronaldo (currently he is Cristiano but he is pretty likely to get the Brazilian haircut soon) who has been hungover suspiciously often, the Puskás brothers and both a black and a white Eminem in our team who would have expected anything else? Our tactical trainings usually happen in the dark with rainy weather, so we are well-prepared to win the league this season. Vamooooosss!!