The training sessions for E.S.Z.V.V Totelos take place at the Student Sport Centre Eindhoven and are given by our trainers: Atef el Allouche, Raymond Starke, Melissa Grunewald, and Joey van Hoof.

The training session on Monday evening is open to everyone who possesses a sports card, and there is no cost to participate. On Tuesday and Thursday, there are training sessions for members. Tuesday’s session is mixed, while on Thursday, men and women train separately. If you are interested in training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can become a training member for €20 per academic year. As a match member, you are automatically allowed to participate in any training sessions.

The selection trains on Mondays and Wednesdays. These trainings are only for members on special invite by trainers of boardmembers.

Tactical/technical trainings Thursday.

Besides the regular training it’s possible for all members to take part in a technical training, for match members there is also a tactical training. Both of these trainings are given by Atef el Allouche. These trainings will be alternating on a weekly bases. They take place an hour before regular training. Application is not neccesairy for technical trainings.

The tactical training is only accessible for teams playing in the KNVB and NZVB. The requirement for the training is also that a minimum of 4 players of your team are able to sign up for this training. Application fort he tactical training is arranged via Boardmembers Luka (06-86646485) en Lars (06-40218835). Signing up for this training is mandatory, if the maximum amount of players has been reached you will get priority fort he next training, provided you can still bring enough players. For the schedule (and availability) click here.

Keeperstraining Thursday.

At the same time as the tactics/technique training, goalkeeper training is also offered on Thursdays. For more information and registration, you can contact a board member or the trainer of the goalkeeper training, Joren (06-28523037).

MondayOpen, Mixed17:30 – 19:00Hall 1Joey van Hoof
MondaySelection20:00 – 21:30Hall 2Atef el Allouche
TuesdayMixed18:30 – 20:00Hall 3Joey van Hoof
WednesdaySelection20:00 – 21:30Hall 2Atef el Allouche
ThursdayKeeperstraining17:30 – 18:30Hall 1Joren Hansen
ThursdayTactical/Technical17:30 – 18:30Hall 1Atef el Allouche
ThursdayMen18:30 – 20:00Hall 1Raymond Starke
ThursdayWomen18:30 – 20:00Hall 3Melissa Grunewald


Atef el Allouche

Atef is our trainer of the Thursday technique/tactics training and also of our men’s selection teams. With our recreational players he knows how to train hangover resistant, but listen to his tactical instructions! This energetic coach knows how to find a point for improvement with every world goal and partly thanks to his tireless efforts, our selection teams are very formidable opponents. Partly thanks to Atef, Heren 1 became champion in the big league in the 2016/2017 season and was promoted to the Top class!

Raymond Starke

Raymond is the former coach of our women’s teams and also ex-coach of Dames 1. Under Raymond, our ladies have already achieved considerable success, such as the title of the big league in 2016/2017 and since the 2013/2014 season, the Totelos ladies are title holders of the regional cup. In 2016/2017, Dames 1 even made it to the semi-finals of the national cup, a historic achievement for Totelos. Raymond can rightly be called a success coach! Raymond still gives training to the men every Thursday.

Melissa Grunewald

Melissa previously played at Dames 1 and has delivered a lot of performances. They have become champion in the big league three times in a row and would even almost play Eredivisie. In the 2013/2014 season Melissa also committed herself to the association in a different way by doing governance. After all these years of playing football, she has decided to take on the role of trainer. From the 2019/2020 season, Melissa will give the training to the ladies every Thursday evening.

Joey van Hoof

Joey has been active as an indoor football player since he was 12 years old. After having played at Totelos for 3 seasons, Joey made the step in 2019 to Eerstedivisionist BE’79, who now play in the Eredivisie of futsal. From the 2020/2021 season, Joey will give training at Totelos. He gives the open training on Mondays and the mixed training on Tuesdays. In addition to the training sessions at Totelos, Joey also works as a physical trainer in the youth academy of FC Eindhoven.

Sil Heijnen

Sil Heijnen, better known as ‘Hakkie’, is our newest trainer/coach. Having left his mark at Totelos by doing two board years and countless committees! With a flawless career described by peak-performance in the NZVB-competition Sil will be training and coaching the best of the best of Totelos. Hence, Sil will be training the selection gents and assist Atef El Allouche with this difficult, but fulfilling task.