🍻 Drink 3: Keeping up with the Keepers 🍻

Last week, Saturday February 4th, it was time again for a drink. This time not just any drink, because our beloved keepers have shown initiative by taking on this drink!

The drink was a bit different than usual. For example, the drink was in the front of ‘t Lempke instead of in the back. The drink was also on a Saturday instead of a Thursday. It might have taken some time getting used to for the student members, but this was undoubtedly nice for the β€˜burgers’. Also 8 o’clock was also a reasonable time to start with a good beer.

JosΓ© Mourinho, who was crucial in the preparations for the evening, was unfortunately unable to attend the drink due to an emergency. Despite that, it was a successful evening and we can look back on a beautiful memory together.

Keepers, thanks for arranging the drink. See you all at next drink!

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