Where students are, there is fun and lots of fun activities. This becomes actually true at Totelos! During a year at Totelos many activities are being organised, and for that we need your help! All the activities Totelos offers during a year are not always based on futsal, Totelos offers more. Besides the fact that it’s fun to organise something with other people from the association, it’s also super educational. If you’re interested in helping Totelos in any way, don’t hesitate any longer and sign up for a committee. We hope to see you back as an active Totelosser.

If you have any questions about one of the committees, do you want to know if there is still a spot left, or do you have any ideas for a completely new committee? Please contact the board via bestuur@totelos.nl or contact our chairwoman Nick de Boer by sending an email to voorzitter@totelos.nl and ask away!

IUTT Committee

Every year around Ascension Day Totelos IUTT takes place; the International University Totelos Tournament.
IUTT is a prestigious international futsal tournament organised by our association. IUTT includes both
a men’s and a women’s competition and we aim for around 300 participants every year. The participants come from all over Europe and even from outside Europe! Besides playing futsal, IUTT also attaches great importance to party and activities. For example every year there is a pub crawl and every night is a party night!

IUTT is the largest Totelos activity and this requires a committee of 8 to 9 members. The functions within this committee are: chairman, secretary, treasurer, two day commissioners, commissioner for breakfast, lunch and dinner, commissioner for multimedia and the party & activity commissioner. This committee always has a number of experienced members, but even if you have never been to IUTT your input is priceless. You learn the most in your first year of IUTT and your new ideas can give a boost to the tournament. Organising IUTT is
highly recommended and a great experience!

Members’ weekend committee

After the start of the new season, the same questions are always being asked. When is the Totelos members weekend again? Members’ weekend is a big item on the agenda of all our active members and not without a good reason! During the Totelos members weekends there is no indoor football, but parties all day and night. The members’ weekend is organised by a small club of about 5 people and they fill in the entire weekend. The members’ weekend guarantees unforgettable days full of parties and cold beer and is therefore an important committee. Members look forward to it every year. So we can’t do it without you!

Activity committee (AcCie)

Totelossers are of course not only interested in tournaments, drinks or events to be entertained. During the season there is enough space for the activity committee to organize fun activities where our members can go wild. A few examples from the past are lasergaming, karting, a city trip, a pub crawl, a beerpong tournament or a casino-night. The activity committee consists out of 5 people who yearly put their creative minds together to organise the most fun activities.

D-Night Committee

Carnaval already starts at Totelos on the Thursday before Carnaval. It’s the perfect combination of playing football, laughing, screaming and drinking all dressed up in a costume guarantees a lot of fun every year. From 11:00 PM to 04:00 AM, the 3 sports center rooms and the canteen are fully available for our carnaval tournament. The committee for this usually consists of 2 to 3 people and arranges the invitations, the playing schedule, referees and a DJ for the most beautiful carnaval party that the Sports Center has ever seen.

Foreign Tournament Committee

As Totelos we find it very enjoyable to play our sport throughout the whole country. But isn’t it even more fun to also go abroad during the year. This is why every year we look for an external tournament abroad and participate with as many teams and players as possible. As a committee it’s your responsibility to find a nice tournament to participate in, it also means you will need to find suitable accommodation, transportation and activities, basically everything to get through the weekend safely and pleasantly.

Intro Committee

The introduction week at the end of the summer holidays (2022) is THE opportunity for Totelos to introduce the new students enthusiastic about futsal and our association. This can be done by giving away flyers, being present during the sports markets and to recruit people to sign up for the intro trainings. On the other hand, this is all done by being present in our favourite pub ‘T Lempke in fancy Totelos clothing. In this way you can show the new students that Totelos has much more to offer than just futsal.  The more members of Totelos helping the more Totelos become visible to other new students.

The intro committee consists of six members of Totelos who are responsible for the organisation of activities during the sport markets (such as a speedometer, smartgoals or something else), a good stock of Totelos flyers and stickers to hand out and everything else you are thinking of to get new members to choose for Totelos. Last but not least you don’t have to be present all alone, you can just ask more Totelossers to help during the different activities and days.

Web Committee (WebCie)

Technologie’s moving fast which means that Totelos has a lot to do behind the scenes to keep up with today’s technology. The WebCie is responsible for this. They take care of the technical part of the website and the maintenance of the digital platform to which all committees and active members have been added. For example, the entire association works together through Google G Suite products and Slack is used as a communication platform. As a member of the WebCie, you’ll review improvements for the future and take care of general maintenance on the digital side of Totelos.

TOTOlos Commissie

The well known TOTO (dutch gambling website) is also available for Totelos. The TOTOlos committee is founded in 2021 and will make sure you can predict games from competitions Totelos takes part in. The past year a few members have been busy with design of the website and how to successfully get it started. This year the first trial version has been released, so that we can test it and get it to function properly. 

External Relations Committee

Totelos cannot exist on membership alone. External funds must be brought in to keep the association alive. As a member of the External Relations Committee, you and the treasurer of Totelos will look for companies or parties that are willing to make an investment in our wonderful association. In this committee you will contact large and smaller companies and you will discuss with them what their investment will look like.

BOEM Committee

Are you passionate about writing and collecting stories? Then the BOEM-committee will be a right fit. The BOEM used to be a magazine that came out once every three months. Since the season of 2015-2016 the BOEM became a yearbook in which photo’s, quotes and stories about all happenings related to Totelos and/or it’s members. In order to create such beautiful memorabilia, the stories need to be thought of, written and collected to get a great final result.

Of course, it is not possible to have your eyes everywhere, so after an event, tournament, drink, party or whatever you can think of, you can ask the organising committee or participant to write a story about it. Your job is to gather these stories and bundle them into a nice magazine, the BOEM. Be creative, and anything goes!

Booze ranking Committee

Totelossers show their faces at Stratumseind ​​everytime they go out for the night. Besides that our main sponsor (‘t Lempke) thinks it’s nice and fun when we are in ‘t Lempke every night, so there is a prize for this. Every thursday and friday evening you can score points for your team if you are present with a drink in ‘t Lempke. You can also score points when you’re present at drinks and other special occasions. The committee is responsible for keeping the standings up to date and writing a nice story with it every week. The committee consists of 4 members who are (almost) every thursday and friday evening at ‘t Lempke to count Totelossers.

Van Lint Committee

Every year, during the last week of lectures before the Christmas holidays, the ESSF organises the Van Lint
Student Sports Week. During this week, different sports associations/teams will fight each other
every night in sports, other than their own sport. The evening always ends with a party and a drink in the sports center. It’s the perfect balance between sports and entertainment. As a member of the Van Lint committee it is your job to ensure that as many Totelossers as possible participate in any sports and that all the teams are filled.

ZATT Committee

During THE Futsal Tournament of Totelos, student futsal associations from all over the Netherlands travel to our Students Sports Centre for a grandiose two-day event. In addition to the tournament in the afternoon, there will be a cantus that same evening, where all participants are more than welcome. Our 6-member board will ensure that ZATT will become a household name in the student world.

Henk Dissel Committee (HDC)

Do you also have a taste for music in addition to indoor football talent? Are your baptismal names Tino Martin (famous Dutch singer)? Even then Totelos has a committee that can fill the void in your heart. The HDC regularly goes out to see the best singer’s in the country’s history in person. Besides Henk, we are of course also a fan of other Dutch-speaking swingers. Thanks to the NS (Dutch train company), we use our own Henk Dissel Coupé, where it is always guaranteed to be having a party. Are you completely fed up with the mediocrity of contemporary music? Do you want to experience many unforgettable evenings? Listen to the official HDC Dis(sel)co® playlist below and maybe you’ll organize the next concert!


Totelos wants to stay in close contact with it’s former members. To meet these people, who have meant a lot to the association, an old-members tournament or any other activity is organised. The BRUG-committee is responsible for the organisation of the former members tournament and other activities. Briefly: this committee maintains contact with the former members.

Referee Internal Competition

During the TU/e breaks on Monday to Wednesday (11:45 AM – 1:15 PM) and on Wednesday evenings (5:00 PM–8:00 PM), E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos organizes an internal futsal competition. This competition, led by our Internal Competition Commissioner, can not happen without referees. That’s why we need help with this. One match lasts 25 minutes and you will also receive a €2.50 compensation for leading a match. Even without experience you can do this, because Totelos can offer you a full referee information video with all the rules explained in the video. If you’re interested in being a referee for the Internal Competition send an email to InterneCompetitie@totelos.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Winter Sports Committee

Besides all the futsal, there must, of course, also be time for some winter relaxation. For a week a trip abroad, a different bar, a different sport. You can experience all this at the Totelos winter sports holiday. With this activity, of course, everything has to be arranged. With a little help of StuWi, organizing this trip is done in no time. Transport, accommodation, but also activities for the day and evening. Are you not an expert at skiing or snowboarding, don’t worry, even then it can be fun to organise.

Batavieren Committee

The Batavierenrace is the largest relay race in the world, in which participants run from Nijmegen to Enschede. After the finish of the batavierenrace the largest student party of the Benelux takes place every year at the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede. Students from all over the Netherlands travel at this time to Nijmegen/Enschede to participate in this event. So does Totelos! The batavierencommittee consists out of 3 people who take care of the subscription, the participants, a running schedule, batavieren merch and many more things that are important to be able to participate in the batavierenrace.