⚽🕺🏽 IUTT 🕺🏽⚽

Last week it was our honor to host Totelos’ greatest external tournament: IUTT!

On Wednesday we kicked of with an amazing opening party in Hubble. Everyone took it easy, to save their strength for the tournament, but it we were off to a good start!

On Thursday the first matches were played. The level of play was high and the matches were very tense. After these tough matches it was time for some leeway and we went on a pubcrawl. It was good to see that most teams had energy left and made their way to Stratumseind!

On Friday more matches were played. The sun was out and that gave the opportunity for other activities such as dance-offs on the dance pads and racing on the assault course. In the evening it was time for a theme party. This time in the canteen of the SSC. Everyone put on their best clothes and swung on the music with their best moves.

On Saturday it was time for the knock-out phase. Eventually only two teams could win. For the men the first price went to University Evry Paris Saclay. For the women our own Totelos Ladies emerged as champions. Congratulations to both teams! After that IUTT was officially at an end, although all the volunteers finished IUTT with some beers and pizza.

A big thanks to all the referees, first aid and masseurs for making IUTT possible and for all the players that participated. Finally, we would like to put the IUTT-committee in the spotlight. You have organized an outstanding IUTT and should be very proud of yourselves.

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