🌟Members weekend 2023-2024 🌟

In short – WHAT A WEEKEND – from the crazy costumes, to the continuous laughter, and the heartwarming togetherness, our 9th Lustrum celebration couldn’t be better 🌟🌟!
The fun started in the bus, on our way to Düsseldorf, where we could already see people’s dedication for their costumes. Each group received a keyword that they had to creatively relate to Totelos.

Because the Lustrum is all about Totelos, we wanted in the first activity, the pubquiz, to dive into the memory of our association. Also some of the previous members couldn’t miss on this activity, and sent us questions that the totelossers had to answer.

The next day was about exploring the city, through the mystery solving game, and the crazy 99 (yes, 99 and not 88 😋) that people could complete during the whole weekend.

After dinner we headed back to the city for the pub crawl, ending the night, just like the one before, in the club 🕺💃. Even in the last day people didn’t back off from the early beer. We had to fill in the hours before the bus left, right? 🤷‍♀️

Finally, the members’ weekend couldn’t end somewhere else then in Lempke, where the dedication of group 8 was rewarded for their double win, and the loss of group 4 received a punishment – the Spoelbakkenrace – which was hella fun to watch.

Huge thanks to each and every one of you for making this members’ weekend so fun. Let’s keep the energy for the events to come!
Here’s to the memories we made and the ones we’re gonna create 🥂❤️🤍

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