⚡ Totelosser of the Month: November⚡

The Totelosser of the Month is Jurjen Dekker!

Last month was the birthday of Totelos, and thus the ninth Lustrum has officially begun! 🎂 A Lustrum year is not just any year, and therefore we are very grateful for the Lustrum committee taking care of the organization. As chairman of the committee, Jurjen has been busy lately organizing the opening party and designing the merchandise!🎈

In addition, Jurjen has been a member of the association for several years and during this time he has also meant a lot to the association. He did a board year during the previous Lustrum and in addition he has also done several committees. Jurjen is also very important in the selection of Totelos, as he plays in T2! Thanks Jurjen for helping to organize the Lustrum year and your enthusiasm! 👏

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