On Wednesday, January 31, TIT (Totelos Internal Tournament) took place for the second time. Once again, 8 teams from the Internal Competition competed for the victory. The tournament started with 2 pools. While in one pool it was challenging to gather points, and goals were scored occasionally, in the other pool, goals were made one after another. The dygeknights and FC UUUUUU managed to score 6 times in 12 minutes. 😮 These teams eventually advanced to the semi-final. In the semi-final, dygeknights won against Obelix 33, and FC UUUUUU was defeated by Dagbesteding 1. Then, it was time for the final between Dagbesteding 1 and the Dygeknights. The match remained tense with a 1-1 draw for a long time, and there were concerns about penalties. However, in the last 2 minutes, 3 more goals were scored, allowing Dagbesteding 1 to clinch a narrow victory and take home the trophy. 🏆 We look back on a very successful tournament and thank all the teams for the exciting matches! 😊

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