During the weekend of April 19-21, the third edition of ZATT took place. Despite the renovation of the SSC, the committee managed to create another fantastic edition. The weekend kicked off on Friday in the pavilion with an opening party, followed by a fresh start to the tournament on Saturday morning. ⚽It was tense for a while, but the men’s tournament was won by Retteketetteketes… RS! and the mixed teams,Totelos team 4 took the win! 🏆 To wrap up the tournament, the highly enjoyable ZATTurion took place at ‘t Lempke where plenty of beer was flowing. It was a great success!

We hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing you again next year. We would also like to thank the committee for organizing the third edition of ZATT! 🫶 See you next year!

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