Last week, we had the honor of hosting Totelos’ greatest external tournament: IUTT! 🌟

Wednesday kicked off with an amazing opening party in the Pavilion. Everyone took it easy to conserve their strength for the tournament, but it was a great start! 🎉

Thursday featured the first matches, showcasing high levels of play and intense competition. After these challenging matches, we relaxed with a pub crawl. It was great to see most teams still energetic as they headed to Stratumseind! 🍻

Friday brought more matches under the sunny sky, which allowed for additional activities like playing table tennis and spikeball. In the evening, we had a lively party in the Pavilion. ❤️‍🔥

Saturday was all about the knock-out phase. In the end, only two teams emerged victorious: University Evry Paris Saclay for the men and UFC Münster for the women. Congratulations to both champion teams! 🏆🎉 After that, IUTT officially concluded, though all the volunteers celebrated with beers and pizza. 🍕🍻

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all the participants, volunteers, referees, first-aid teams, and sponsors who made this event possible. Special thanks goes to the IUTT committee for organizing such an outstanding tournament—you should be very proud! 👏

Stay tuned for more photos and the aftermovie! 🎥 We look forward to seeing you all next year at IUTT, from May 28th to May 31st! 👋😊

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