⚡Totelosser of the Month: February⚡

New month, which means a new Totelosser of the Month. Kez van Aaken has been chosen as the Totelosser of the Month. 🎉 Earlier this year, Kez joined Totelos, immediately becoming a member of the TOTOlos committee. Here, he puts in a lot of work to ensure that everything runs smoothly within the committee. 👏

In addition, Kez also has a knack for scoring goals; with 18 goals, he ranks 2nd among the topscorers of the NZVB. ⚽ Thanks to his efforts, Totelos N7 is in a respectable 2nd place in Class 3B of the NZVB, which is quite an achievement for a completely new team. 🏆

Thank you for your dedication, Kez. Hopefully, you will remain just as active in the coming years; we are very happy to have you with us! 🌟

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