Members Weekend 2022-2023

On Friday November 18th a group of 70 Totelossers was ready for the annual Members Weekend. This year’s location: Leersum. Everyone was divided in smaller groups of around 10 people. Every group was assigned a music genre and they had to dress according to this music genre. You can imagine that the train ride to Leersum was a lot of fun between rasta’s, country singers and Tirolers.

Once everyone arrived at Utrecht Centraal, every group got different travel directions to the accommodation. Some groups took more time than others, but eventually everyone arrived. The weekend officially started with a pubquiz. Fortunately, everyone was still in for a party after the pubquiz, and so the Friday night went on into the wee hours.

Everyone was able to sleep in on Saturday. Atleast, more than some are used to on a Members Weekend. Some woke up early, though. Often with the nice surprise of a hidden Smirnoff Ice. It should not come as a surprise that the most played song this weekend was Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

After everyone had breakfast, and the daredevils already had plenty of beer by playing Electric, we went to Veenendaal by bike for the City Game. After which we had a nice buffet, although the food caused everyone to get a nice after-dinner dip. Therefore it was essential to get going or everyone risked falling asleep before the pub crawl could even start.

The pub crawl was a lot of fun. We got a good taste for the night life of Veenendaal. The trip back to the accommodation was not so fun, however. The bitter cold could even be felt by the most drunk members. Nevertheless, everyone made it back. Some immediately went to bed to get warm, and some partied on.

On Sunday not everyone felt as alive as before the weekend. Some were fortunate enough to find some more Smirnoff Ices and took them wholeheartedly. After the trip home, a group of around 30/40 Totelossers still did not had enough and made their way to ‘t Lempke, despite the poor weather. Here we watched the first World Cup match. Also we watched Fleur and Sim struggle doing the ‘Spoelbakkenrace’. It was a good end of the weekend.

A big thanks to the committee for organizing the weekend!

(All the photos of the Members Weekend can be found on the Archive)

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