🚿💦 Drink 5 – Douchen met de Boys Borrel 💦🚿

On Thursday, June 1st, the 5th and final drink took place in ‘t Lempke. The Douchen met de Boys Drink was organised by the men of T2.

The idea was to give all the members an idea of what showering with the boys is like. This was ofcourse quite difficult to do in a bar, but T2 succeeded in showing the members what the ritual is like. At the entrance people had to take a shot depending on the clothes they were wearing, and then they had to guess what was in the shot. Then there was a net with holes in it with which people could get some target practice, however… with a drinking bottle. The last element of the showering with the boys was the well-known spin the bottle game, however not for a kiss, but for a sip.

Thank you for organising this fantastic final drink, gents of T2!🚿

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