🏆General Championship🏆

On Wednesday 9th of July the General Championship took place. Some of the best teams of the Internal Competition ’22/’23 were invited to participate in this tournament.

First of all matches were played in two poules. In poule A Die Mannschaft and Dygeknights respectively finished first and second. In poule B FC Big and Anti-Langhaar 1 finished first and second. The semi-finals therefore were played between Die Mannschaft and Anti-Langhaar 1 and FC Big and Dygeknights. FC Big and Die Mannschaft took the Win.

Therefore the final was played between Die Mannschaft and FC Big. FC Big was clearly better and won the final ‘big’.

Congratulations to FC Big for winning the General Championship this year! Also a big thanks to all the other participating teams and the referees that made it possible to organize the tournament!

We are looking back at the tournament and year with great joy, and hope to see you all at the next season!

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