For general questions, you can email to If you have specific questions for a board member, you can contact us using the details below.


Name: Marit Schoemaker
Tel. +31 6 13284266

For questions about general matters or problems, please contact Marit.


Name: Pim de Haan
Tel. +31 6 36315229

For questions related about secretary matters as registration, communication and the SSC van, please contact Pim.


Name: Indra Heerkens
Tel. +31 6 21351797

For questions about contributions, declarations or other financially related matters, please contact Indra.

Commissioner KNVB

Name: Luka Kelder
Tel. +31 6 86646485

For KNVB-related questions, such as registrations and competitions, please contact Luka. Luka is also approachable for questions about training.

Commissioner NZVB

Name: Lars van Rijckevorsel
Tel. +31 6 40218835

For NZVB related questions, such as registrations or competitions, please contact Lars. In addition, Lars is approachable for questions about training.

Commissioner Internal Competition

Name: Eefje Nijenbanning
Tel. +31 6 31544422

Please contact Eefje if you have any questions about the Internal Competition. These can be questions about registration, the set-up of the IC or even sponsorship.

Address E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos

Student Sports Center Eindhoven
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1
5612 AW Eindhoven

Confidential Contact Person

Our confidential contact persons (CCP) are currently Jan Jenneskens and Daniek Dobber. A CCP can be approached in case of transgressive behaviour. This may concern issues such as bullying, (sexual) intimidation or discrimination. A conversation with the CCP is confidential, which means that the matters discussed will not be distributed further without permission. The CCP is also independent of the board and can therefore also be approached for complaints about this. A CCP is not a counselor, but can advise possible next steps.

If you prefer to talk to someone else, that is also possible and we refer you to the Eindhoven Student Sports Federation (ESSF) or to one of the VCPs of the TU/e.

I am always available via Whatsapp or email. If you need a conversation (in person, by phone or otherwise), it’s best to first send a message to arrange a time (and place). I’m also available if you just want someone to talk to or have a problem with. If you prefer to talk to someone else, that is also possible and I will refer you to the Eindhoven Student Sports Federation (ESSF).

Name: Jan Jenneskens
Tel. +31 6 45675907

You can always contact me if you are in trouble. I like it best if you let me know in advance if you need a conversation, because then I can prepare beforehand. You can do this by sending me a chat, mail, or by just talking to me after training and then we will schedule a moment.

Name: Daniek Dobber
Tel.: +31 6 42035555